RTRC Attendance Standards


Rockin’ the Red Carpet takes this public health crisis extremely seriously and will not tolerate disregard for our rules pertaining to hosting these events, so we respectfully ask for your complete cooperation, your patience and your understanding throughout this very difficult time.

You can View LIVE AT THE VENUE in a LIMITED capacity with table service… Tables are 6 feet apart and only 4 to table OR View the STREAM outside at the Venue in a LIMITED capacity while receiving car service!


You can also watch the live stream from home www.rockintheredcarpet.com/live

When you purchase tickets for Rockin’ the Red Carpet you and your guest agree to the following Rockin’ the Red Carpet standards for LIVE shows;

IMPORTANT! You may not leave your designated area without an escort from our staff, so just let your Concierge know if you are needing to exit your area for any reason so that we can clear a path for you to walk. 

When guest arrive they will check in with a social distancing manager. The managers will review with you and your guest the standards in detail, once agreed upon, you and your party will be escorted DIRECTLY to your table or VIP area.  

There will be social distancing managers in the room they have red T-shirts that say “Social Distance Managers” they are security guards as well. 

You are not allowed to run up to the red carpet to get autographs we will have designated areas for you to stand and watch the red carpet celebs as well as a safely distance meet and greet. 

Guest will not be allowed to combine tables or share space with another guest. 

You are not allowed to run up to or on stage. 

Absolutely no mosh pits.

No hugging or handshakes unless it’s with someone you know that’s in your party. 

When ordering drinks you simply tell your server and they will get it for you. No one is allowed to stand in line for drinks. 

Your food will be served to you or if it’s a buffet style we will call your table to come up to be served. 
You must promise to adhere to maintaining the required 6’ social distancing standards. We reserve the right to escort you out if we feel like you cannot adhere to this request. You will not be eligible for a refund if you are escorted out of the venue. 

We are trying to bring back LIVE music please help us help others by adhering to the standards of Rockin’ the Red Carpet LIVE event standards. 

Thank you! 

RTRC Team. 
Please feel free to call us with any other questions 


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Call us at 214-482-9135 or leave us a message below or email info@rockintheredcarpet.com

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