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Making a Difference
We are seeking skilled, dedicated and passionate volunteers that want to give back to their communities by helping the charities attached to this event. 


When you join our inclusive family of volunteers, we’ll provide all of the training and support you need to make a difference, make new connections and have fun at the same time. Plus, you get a really cool t-shirt, free food, (drinks limited) tickets to the shows and more. 


Volunteering to assist in any of the opportunities below can be a rewarding experience in and of itself. Please let us know what you can do to help by using the form on this page. 

Contact us if you're not clear on what to do or call 214-482-9135 


Rockin The Red Carpet Team Leadership 

Updated: 7/14/21 

Spiritual Guidance Team
You help lead us into prayer each day before  and after each day of the event

Medical/Health Team
We’re looking for people with medical experience to work our first aid tent

Strike Team
This is a team that means a lot to me because we always have to leave a place better then we found it ... you’re in charge of getting things cleaned up as we go.

Food & Beverage Team
You would help coordinate and distribute food and beverage for the public, production and talent.

Parking Team
This is a very important job and very thankless. We have to get people in and out of the venue area safely you’ll be in charge of five parking lots

Registration Team
You will help register people as they come in the doors for giveaways etc

Production Team
You will work with existing  preproduction and post production managers helping build the event from staging to red carpet

Security Team
You will work with existing security team led by Malcolm Snell - Malcolm let the security team for the Dallas Cowboys for many years and worked personally for Jerry Jones he’s a professional.

Media / Communications Team
You will work with existing media teams led by Paul Salfen

Merch Team
You will help organize and sell merchandise for the event

Transportation Team
You will work with existing transportation team helping Secure transportation to and from hotels to the event as well as two buses and tour buses and limo pick up and drop off

VIP Tents
You will work with our existing VIP team Helping coordinate decorate and manage the VIP tent sections.

Lighting Team
You will work with existing lighting team making sure all lights are properly working

Red Carpet Team
You will work with existing Red Carpet team bringing talent down the red carpet and making announcements for the media before you do.

A/V Team
You will work with existing A/V team leader Robert Martinez. Robert Is in charge of Red Carpet LIVE feeds,  behind the scenes LIVE Feeds as well as the LIVE feeds for the 3-Day concerts

Photography Team
You will work with existing photo team leader helping capture the event for three days behind the lens

Planning Team
You will work with all teams to help them coordinate and plan the attack on being successful throughout the preproduction and post production of the event

Finance Team
Help existing finance team secure and manage funds for the event Including but not limited to funds for the 501(c)(3)’s

You will help existing sponsorship teen secure more sponsors as well as make sure the sponsors have everything they need for a successful event including but not limited to ROI, branding, VIP tickets Tents.


Thanks! Look for an email with more details soon.

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